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Santa Rita improve its presence on the Internet with its solution Your Innova Web

Client: Santa Rita, Sector: Technology

Client's profile

SANTA RITA is an Ecuadorian company conceived to find and offer solutions to mobility in cities, making the parking system efficient and profitable.

We started in Quito in 2008, today we have offices in Quito and Guayaquil.

SANTA RITA has developed innovative and complex technological solutions in iconic city projects.

It has more than 20 successful smart projects based on integrations with all types of equipment and brands.

Thanks to a professional and expert technical area in the development of solutions for clients.

We work with internationally recognized brands in parking system technology.

Smart packages

People access control

Parking administration

Valet parking service

Smart cities

Business Needs


Santa Rita required a tool to manage its website that is easy, agile and intuitive. With a web builder solution, the need to implement Your Innova Web arose.


DIGITAL ARIAS together with Santa Rita implemented the web builder Your Innova Web, in such a way that the commercial management carried out by the client can be updated in real time. The client was satisfied and uses your technological solution all the time.


  • Easy, fast without having technical knowledge

  • Access from anywhere

  • List of subscribers

  • Visit reports

  • Low costs

  • 1st in Latin America

  • Complete system

  • Improvements and updates month by month

  • Third party independence

  • Your own username and password

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