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Mapromec is trained to improve its presence on the internet with its Your Innova Web solution

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Client: Mapromec, Sector: Industrial, Metalworking, Electrical and Electronic

Client's profile


Our company has been in the national market for 20 years, covering the entire area of ​​metalworking services in the cutting and forming line, which is why our experience can guarantee top quality work.


Our mission is to provide mechanical metal services for all productive sectors in an agile, truthful and efficient manner.

Propose ideas and solutions to the requirements of our clients supported by our extensive experience, excellent human talent, capacity and technology. Guaranteeing the process of receiving raw material and transforming it with strict quality standards, maintaining professional leadership with social and environmental responsibility to meet the needs of our customers.


Position our services at a high level of performance in contribution to national productivity.

Create a new line aimed at large-scale metal-mechanical production and contribute with products of high quality standards.

Business Needs


Maromec needs to get the most out of its Your Innova Web marketing and customer service web technology solution, for which it attended our training. An easy, agile and intuitive system is what you need every day to feed important company information. With a web builder solution, the need arose to optimize your Your Innova Web.


DIGITAL ARIAS together with MAPROMEC reviewed in detail the technological solution Your Innova Web, with this it will constantly update company information, topics of interest, new services, as well as generate traffic from social networks. The client was satisfied and uses his technological solution all the time.


  • Easy, fast without technical knowledge

  • Access from anywhere

  • List of subscribers

  • Visit reports

  • Low costs

  • 1st in Latin America

  • Complete system

  • Improvements and updates month by month

  • Third party independence

  • Your own username and password

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