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Client: Fedexpor (Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters) supports its commercial process and chatbots

Client: Fedexpor (Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters), chatbots with its Hubspot CRM, Sector: Services

Client's profile

Since 1976, the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters -FEDEXPOR- exerts an important representation of the private export sector by being a benchmark for the internationalization of companies in the country and a spokesperson for the entrepreneurial spirit, encompassing more than 215 institutions between sectoral unions, export companies , importers of raw materials and capital goods as well as related service companies; It is also the only union entity in the country with a national scope, having offices in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and Manta.

Our institution is characterized by being a technical entity that generates important contributions for the discussion of public policies in the field of production, foreign trade and investment.


We are a private non-profit institution, leaders in the representation and provision of quality services for the Ecuadorian business sector, which promotes the growth of foreign trade in the country.


To be the benchmark in foreign trade in Ecuador through the strengthening and internationalization of the country's companies.

Business Needs


Fedexpor (Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters) needed to automate their sales monitoring, consolidate their databases, do mailing, and add special fields specific to their business, as well as have complete management reports. With the Hubpost CRM solution, both on the web and on mobile, he was able to fulfill his need.


To face these challenges, DIGITAL ARIAS together with Fedexpor (Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters) implemented Hubspot CRM, with a 100% remote work modality, satisfying the client's needs and delivery times.


  • Automation

  • Optimize work organization

  • CRM system: ease of use

  • Simplification of information

  • Communications integration

  • You can manage the life cycle of your leads

  • It will allow you to easily segment your Marketing campaigns

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