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Digital Arias #ExportQuality successfully participates in the Multisector Business Roundtable

The Expo Aladi Virtual 2022 Multisectoral Business Roundtable was successfully held.

Exhibitors from all over the American continent exhibit their products and services on several days of the fair. Digital Arias takes its export services to new markets, the company considers its relationship with clients from all over the world to be important. We are specialists in the private sector, having real clients and diverse industrial sectors, its Chairman (President), Mauricio Arias, tells us.

Aladi is the largest Latin American integration group. Its thirteen member countries include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela, together representing 20 million square kilometers and more than 510 million inhabitants.

The Treaty of Montevideo 1980 (TM80), the global constitutive and regulatory legal framework of ALADI, was signed on August 12, 1980, establishing the following general principles: pluralism in political and economic matters; progressive convergence of partial actions towards the formation of a common Latin American market; flexibility; differential treatment based on the level of development of the member countries; and multiplicity in the forms of agreement of commercial instruments.

ALADI promotes the creation of an area of ​​economic preferences in the region, with the ultimate goal of achieving a Latin American common market, through three mechanisms:

– A regional tariff preference that is applied to products originating in the member countries against the tariffs in force for third countries.

– Agreements of regional scope (common to all the member countries).

– Partial scope agreements, with the participation of two or more countries in the area.


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