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Business: Digital Arias at Expo Aladi 2023 in Havana Cuba

By Digital Arias

Weeks ago we had the opportunity to go to the most important multi-sector fair in Latin America, Expo Aladi 2023, this time it was held in Havana Cuba. With great emotion and enthusiasm, businessmen from thirteen member countries—Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela; They met to do business.

DIGITAL ARIAS is a family company with open capital, which has more than 23 years of experience in the market. Its products and services reach 10 countries, it has around 8,000 companies using its solutions and 25,000 users managing them. They continue to expand their solutions in the world, seeking to be a benchmark in various industrial sectors.

The company, now with new companies in its investment portfolio, seeks to help its clients solve their day-to-day problems. They believe in the potential of Latin America, its creativity and ability to move forward.

The ALADI is an intergovernmental organization made up of the 13 countries in the region.

The Treaty of Montevideo 1980 (TM80), the global legal framework that constitutes and regulates the ALADI, establishes the mechanisms through which the Association creates an area of economic preferences that allows access to:

+500 million consumers in the thirteen member countries.

More than 100 trade agreements that facilitate the movement of goods, services and productive factors.

100% preferences for more than 80% of the goods that make up the tariff universe, freeing them from paying tariffs.

The ALADI EXPO - Cuba 2023: Multi-sector Business Macrround”, which took place from October 2 to 4, 2023 at the PABEXPO Convention Center in the city of Havana, Cuba.

The enabled sectors were the following:

GOODS: Agribusiness and livestock; Food and drinks; Biotechnology and pharmaceuticals; Textiles, clothing and footwear; Plastics, containers and packaging.

SERVICES: Services provided to companies; communications services; tourism services and travel-related services; Transport services.

Mr. Mauricio Arias, Chairman of Digital Arias, was personally present at said event, “promoting our real exports of our own software services is our priority…” he stated. The company had a full agenda and met with potential clients and partners from Latam. New businesses and markets are coming, our manager anticipates.

We thank the Republic of Ecuador, the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, as well as ProEcuador for all the support and coordination for this fair. We must continue with these initiatives.

These types of events help the integration of the region, we thank the president of Cuba and his ministers for allowing, on this occasion, the country to become the headquarters.

Especially to the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba, for its logistical support and accompaniment at all times from Digital Arias, together we do good business.

To all companies our best wishes, business is the channel to unite our nations, that is how it is and that is how it will always be.


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