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Metalbosco improve its presence on the Internet with its Your Innova Web solution

Client: Metalbosco, Sector: Metalworking, Electrical and Electronic

Client's profile


It is dedicated to the manufacture and industrial maintenance of parts, production lines and electrical mechanical systems in general. We have qualified personnel in the areas of mechanics, electrical & electronics and with extensive experience in the labor field. Due to our experience and capacity, we offer machinery maintenance: industrial, textile, agro-industrial, food, heavy equipment, etc. Using guaranteed materials and according to the demands of our customers. The policy of METALBOSCO CIA. LTDA. is to give personalized attention, home deliveries, guaranteed work, demonstrating quality and compliance.

Our goal is to make ourselves available to you and be your support in your projects.


Ing. Rafael Maldonado



With moral and ethical values, technology, quality and experience; guarantee competitive products and services in the Ecuadorian market.


Develop our human capital, products and services in such a way as to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, maintaining our leadership in excellence and innovation.

Business Needs

Problem Metalbosco required a tool to manage its website that is easy, agile and intuitive. With a web builder solution, the need to implement Your Innova Web arose.

DIGITAL Solution ARIAS together with Metalbosco implemented the Your Innova Web web builder, in such a way that the commercial management carried out by the client can be updated in real time. The client was satisfied and uses your technological solution all the time.


  • Easy, fast without having technical knowledge

  • Access from anywhere

  • subscriber list

  • Visit reports

  • low costs

  • 1st in Latin America

  • Complete system

  • Improvements and updates month by month

  • Third Party Independences

  • Your own username and password


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