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Client: Gas Sur make hundreds of invoices for its clients

Client: Gas Sur electronic invoicing in volume with Bemus Erp, Sector: Services

Client's profile

The company located in the south of Quito, consolidates and distributes gas in bulk to the entire city. With quality certificates and authorization to do so, it provides quality products on time.

Gas Sur, has domestic gas for different types of customers. Its long experience in the market gives it a good name and prestige.

His day begins in the morning and his clients, mainly distributor trucks, pick up the product from his facilities. Located in the Parque Industrial Sur, a strategic area, it facilitates the good management of its products.

The company brings an excellent service, I feel recognized and a benchmark in the sector.

Business Needs


Gas Sur needs electronic invoicing in volume for its customers, a single, easy system that allows management of its various Rucs. That I send electronic documents, can authorize the SRI, send PDF and more. With the Bemus Erp technological solution, on desktop, he was able to meet his needs.


To address these remains DIGITAL ARIAS together with GAS SUR, implemented the Bemus ERP technological solution, in a 100% remote mode, meeting the client's need within the established deadlines.


· Scalability: possibility of expanding functions to all areas of management (budget planning and control, commercial, economic-financial, production)

Flexibility: adaptable to the specificities of each organization

Ease of handling: friendly, very simple use

Integration: possible to link with existing management applications

· Database speed: database with features similar or superior to Oracle

· Robustness: programmed failsafe

Accessibility: Internet access

· Excel export capability

· Notices via e-mail

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