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Digital Arias at the first Campus Party Ecuador


Our Co-Founder (CHAIRMAN) Chairman of the Board, Eng. Mauricio Arias, meets with the founder of Linux, envisions what free software will be in Ecuador and the world, sets the policies for what is to come.

Within the framework of the First Campus Party in Ecuador, private meetings were held with impact businessmen. Events are planned and envisioned for the following years.

Digital Arias exposes its technological solutions and works for a better world. The company is convinced of the power of ICTs in companies and that the next revolution will be technological. Several days they presented to the public what they do, standing out from the competition. #DigitalAriasInTheWorld.

Fairs, exhibitions, presentations, the fastest internet, gamers area and more events were held at the Middle of the World Convention and Exhibition Center (CEMEXPO). We are convinced that this type of event will mark a before and after in technology, the organizers mention to us. The event was held with great attendance.

Surely the following editions will be as successful as this one. We augur the best wishes and that the world knows what we do, mentions one of its exhibitors.

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