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DIGITAL ARIAS officially launches its program “DA Niñas en Las Tics”

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

We firmly believe in the creative power of technology for a better world. For this reason, Digital Arias launches its program focused on strengthening technological skills of girls at an early age.

If we give a cell phone or a PC to a girl, we are creating a future programmer, software developer, leader, boss, manager and the next CEO of an international company.

Sponsor a school and we help transform the world with our vision.

Volunteer and support with your knowledge.

Your organization can be part of the change.

Join our purpose today.

I am a Technological Volunteer to teach girls various skills

I am a Public Institution to support communication and dissemination

I am a Private Company I wish to contribute with computer equipment that I do not use and other goods

I am a Multilateral Organization I want to support the program with resources and events

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